Looking for a form of entertainment that all your guests can enjoy, whatever their age? Photobooths are probably one of the biggest entertainment explosions for weddings in the last two years. There’s no need for a huge venue, you don’t need to man it, and it won’t blow the budget! Sounds perfect, right? Here are 10 other brilliant reasons why you should book a GroovyBooth photobooth for your big day…


Make it personal

The GroovyBooth can provide personalised photo surrounds and even themed booths to suit the colour scheme and theme of your day.

Extra photos

Can’t afford to have your official photographer stay late into the evening? No problem! The GroovyBooth’s pictures will provide a fun, candid record of your evening party instead. The team can even provide the bride and groom with digital copies on a memory stick after the event.

Entertainment for all ages

A GroovyBooth is fun whatever your age and serves as a great ice breaker right for all your guests, right from the start of the night.

Alternative favour idea

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Everyone can take home a copy of their best pictures from the GroovyBooth, which makes it an amazing alternative wedding favour idea. Plus there’s no limit how many times you can use the booth in one night, so guests could end up having three, four or five ‘favours’ by the end of the evening!


Alternative guest book idea

Don’t like the thought of a traditional guest book? Why not ask everyone to attach one copy of their picture into a guest book and then write their good luck messages beside their shots?

We used this idea during this year’s Wedding Ideas Awards! It was great to look back through the photos long after the ceremony had finished.

Presents for absent guests

If you had some guests that couldn’t make the big day, they can catch up with all the fun by downloading the GroovyBooth pictures after the event. They just go onto the GroovyBooth website, enter their password and start downloading for free!


Easy payment plan

GroovyBooth realise that saving for a wedding can be tough. That’s why they allow you to pay for your booth in installments. This facility is also available online, saving you time, money and hassle during an already busy time in your life.

Gift list facility

Your guests can contribute towards the cost of your GroovyBooth with the team’s handy new gift list facility.

A fabulous idea if you’re not thinking of having a traditional wedding gift list.


GroovyBooth to the rescue!

The GroovyBooth team carry a whole range of spares with them so you don’t have to worry about the booth breaking down half way through the night.

Hassle-free set-up

The GroovyBooth team can set up the booth in your reception party without any assistance, plus they will man the booth all night so you don’t have to worry about teaching your guests how to use it. Just throw on some of the fun and funky props and say cheese!