If you’re unsure about what questions you should ask your bridal boutique, we’ve compiled a list so you don’t have to. This will help you to avoid any unnecessary complications and ensure smooth wedding planning at all times!

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1. How many guests can I bring with me?

Dress shopping is a planning highlight, so before your appointment check that the boutique will allow you to bring guests with you. While sales assistants will give you brilliant advice, your family and friends know you best and can give you their opinions on each dress – not to mention they’ll want to share this special experience with you.

2. What styles suit me?

Sometimes it’s the dress you wouldn’t have picked out yourself that turns out to be ‘the one’. A good boutique will be able to give you honest and practical advice based on your heigh, shape and personal style. They know the dresses inside out and will have the knowledge of styles that will fit well within your chosen theme and venue, so it’s important to ask, listen and be open to their suggestions – you mught find something new that you love.

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3. Do you offer alterations?

Most brides have their dress altered before the big day to get the perfect fit. Check whether alterations can be done in-house or if you’ll have to source a seamstress.

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4. How much will it cost?

Avoid any nasty surprises and ask if alterations are included in your quote, or if this will cost extra on top of the price of your gown.

5. How many fittings will I have?

Most brides usually have two or three fittings – the initial checking the fit and deciding what alterations need to be made, a fitting after the alterations, and the last fitting for any final adjustments. Check with your boutique to see if they want to book any more.

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6. Do you sell sample dresses?

You don’t need a budget-busting dress to look fab on your day. Keep your eye out for sample, ex-display or past-season styles, and you could save money! Be sure to ask what your boutique has available.

7. Can I take photos?

Once you’ve decided on the dress, having a photograph can help you decide on the right flowers, accessories and hairstyle, but just check that the boutique allow you to take snaps!

8. When will my dress be ready for collection?

Your dress should be pressed and ready to wear in protective packaging when you collect it. Some boutiques will even store it for you until the big day.

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9. What underwear will I need?

You need to feel confident in the dress you choose, so it’s important to know what underwear you need to look and feel your best. The assistant should be able to tell you what will work with the dresses that you’re trying on.

10. What if I lose weight?

Make sure you tell your boutique that you’re dieting so they can arrange fittings at the most appropriate times.

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