Thinking about the wedding entertainment? We’ve got 10 fab questions for you to ask your wedding entertainer and acts!

1. Do you perform fully live?

Depending on space and budget, you may want a full live band with instrumentalists, or a solo performer with a backing track.  Natalie & Mat's wedding HelenLiskPhotography PRINT FILES -315

2. What genres of music can you play live?

Some bands and DJs specialise in a particular style so make sure that their genre fits with your theme. Others have a wider repertoire, and this may be better if you want to spread the entertainment throughout the vening and have a mix for your guests.

3. Can we see you performing live?

Ask if you can see your band or DJ perform live before you book them. This will give you the best idea of what the entertainment will really feel like on the day. If you can’t see them live, at least ask for a video you can watch or a live CD to listen to.

4. Do you take requests?

A good entertainer will be open to suggestions about tracks you do and don’t want. If they’re happy to take requests, they’re also more likely to get your guests dancing. Ian and Kate's Hyde Barn Wedding by Marcus Ward - Bigeye Photography-419

5. How much time do you need to set up?

Plan when your musicians will set up and allow them enough time so you don’t get interrupted with sound checks on the day. Similarly, consider if they need to pack away before the end of the evening, and think about what impact this might have on the party atmosphere.

6. Will we need to provide anything?

Find out exactly what they’re bringing and what you’ll need to rent or borrow from the venue. Also, check whether you need anything such as draping to cover any ugly equipment!

7. How many hours are included in the package?

Some musicians and DJs have a minimum amount of time they’ll play for. You’ll also need to factor in any breaks and what entertainment you can provide for this interval.

8. Will you learn a particular piece of music for our first dance?

If you’re set on a special song for your first dance, see if your band has it in their repertoire or if they’re willing to learn it for your day. If you’re having a DJ, check they have the correct version!

9. Do you have any recommended songs?

If you’re not completely sure on a track listing, ask whether your entertainment can recommend anything. A good DJ or band should have suggestions for the first dance and popular songs that are sure to get everyone moving.

10. Can you also be an MC?

If your entertainer can announce your first dance and other important milestones throughout the evening, your day is sure to run smoothly – especially if you haven’t got a wedding co–ordinator.   Charlotte & Rob__577

If you’re unsure about what entertainment to choose, check out how to pick the right wedding entertainment for your venue.