The choices are endless when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, so it’s important you find a florist who clearly understands your vision for the big day. Make sure you get the bouquet you’ve always dreamed of by asking these essential questions.

1. Are my favourite flowers in season?

Flowers that are in season will be much easier to source and will be in the best condition on the day. They’ll also be cheaper too!

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2. What’s your style?

If you have a particular theme in mind it’s good to choose a florist who has a similar personal style. Ask them to show you a selection of flowers that they think would work and photos of arrangements they’ve made for similar celebrations.

3. Can you source props for me?

If you want your flowers displayed in particular containers such as watering cans or oversized glasses, see if your florist can get hold of them easily for you.

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4. Will you make samples for me to see?

No matter how good a florist’s photos look, make sure you see a sample of their work, too. Seeing a mock-up of the design you have in mind will help you see if they can really bring your vision to life.

5. Can you work with my budget?

Get a feel for the florist’s prices before booking. If you’re getting married around Valentine’s Day or Mothering Sunday, factor in that you may have to pay more.

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6. Is there a delivery charge?

Most florists will deliver the flowers directly to the venue, but may charge a delivery fee. Clarify exactly how their pricing works and what is included before you sign on the dotted line.

7. Can I re-use my flowers?

If you can transport your flowers from the ceremony to the reception venue to use them again, your budget will take you further.

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8. Will you label everything?

Simple name tags stapled to each arrangement will make it clear who they’re for and will make sure that everyone ends up with the right posy or buttonhole.

9. Will you visit my venue?

If your florist sees your venue beforehand, they’ll have a better idea of what colours and styles will work best and will be able to determine the perfect arrangements for your day.

10. How long will it take?

Find out the schedule from your florist to ensure everything can definitely be done on time and in full bloom.

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