Banish bridal party tantrums and dramas for good with these 10 top tips for planning the perfect hen celebration!

Make it affordable

Your dream hen party may consist of a luxury break abroad, but not everyone can afford such a lavish trip, so be considerate. Hen parties can be expensive, plus your girls may have to take annual leave from work to attend if you plan it on a weekday. Weekend parties at home are just as much fun and cost less. Natasha Jack s Wedding-Group Photos-0042

Fun for all

Not all your hens will be into the same things as you and although it’s your party, try to choose activities you’ll all enjoy. Why not put it to the vote?

Have a pre-party introduction

Try to arrange a gathering with your girls before the party so they all get to know one another. This can sometimes be difficult to organise but it will be well worth it if they’re familiar with each other before the weekend away.

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Put someone in charge

It’s always best to have one person organise the day rather than having several girls arranging different things. Make sure this person is organised but not too bossy, or it won’t go down well. Plus, this person should not be you!

Body hang-ups

Hot-tubbing it in a bikini and wearing skimpy fancy dress might sound great to you, but are all your girls happy to flaunt their flesh? That’s something to think about when planning a hen party!  Rachael&Chris_082

Keep everyone entertained

Think about the time in between the activity and the club. Collect up board games, a karaoke machine, iPod player and more for hotel entertainment.

Stay together

You must stick together! Not only is it safer and reduces the chance of someone getting lost, it also avoids any awkwardness – there’s nothing more annoying than girls having in-jokes that exclude the other hens. KM-289-ASE

Get some sleep!

We know what you’re thinking – yeah right! But you don’t want Sunday’s activities to be ruined by Saturday night’s hangover.

Buy them a thank you gift

Your hens have spent a lot of money to celebrate with you, so show them how much you appreciate their efforts by buying them a little gift to say thanks. This could be something they can use on the hen night itself. We’ve got some brilliant buys in the Wedding Ideas Shop.  Liz_Fran_wedding_001

Have a kitty for expenses

Make sure you have extra petty cash when planning a hen party. Whether it’s for a taxi or lunch, it’s not fair for one person to pay and be owed money from the rest of the party, so have a pot to pay for minor expenses.

For more hen tips, including our fabulous hen party A-Z list where you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love, head to our Hen Party section on the website. It’s full of ideas and advice for you and your hens, so have a look!