Whether you’re the maid of honour, a guest or the bride–to-be herself, there’s one pre-wedding event you all can’t wait for – the hen party! Drinks, dancing and general debauchery are all on the cards, but to keep things from lagging you’ll want to have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep everyone in fine form. From fun off-the-cuff games to those that take a little more organisation, experts Chillisauce have rounded up the top 10 hen party games to ensure that your night is remembered for years after the wedding!


Banned words

Fun, easy and as naughty as you like! Choose a list of words that cannot be spoken throughout the night – make sure you choose words that are hard to avoid! You get to decide how severe the penalty is for breaking the rules, such as doing a shot, paying a fine or doing a dare.

Hen night bingo cards

This one takes some organising, but it works a treat over daytime cocktails or afternoon tea. Have guests write down what gifts they think the bride-to-be will receive, and as she opens them, mark off any of the presents written down. Once a guest gets five in a row, they shout out Bingo! The prize can be as silly as an extra slice of cake or a second glass of Prosecco!


Balloon question time

This one is a lot of fun, and manages to take care of the decorations too! Write down 20 embarrassing questions and place them in 20 separate balloons. Throughout the evening, have guests pop the balloons and make the bride either answer the question or take a shot! Perfect for a giggle over a few drinks – just make sure your party venue is happy with all the balloon popping!


This one calls for the following headings:

  • Her name
  • His name
  • Where they had sex
  • What position
  • Who caught them doing it

Fold over each piece of paper after each heading and pass it to the person on the left. At the end, unfold each piece and read out your story! True or not, it’ll have everyone roaring with laughter.


Male model

This one calls for some crafts, so come prepared! Split the hen party guests into teams and have them create male body parts out of play dough. Double points for realism, or optimism as the case may be! We can all guess which body part most will opt to craft…

At the end, award prizes how you see fit – with drinks, treats, or a dance with the best-looking guy in the bar!

Pass the balloon

Another great one for using decorations creatively! Divide the party up into two teams, and using long balloons, each team member must grip the balloon between their knees and pass it up the line to the rest of their team without using their hands. You have to start again if a balloon is dropped or popped! The first team to get their balloon to the end wins.

You could combine this game with the ‘balloon question time’ game above, by placing an embarrassing question in each balloon. The winning team can then force the members of the other team to answer the question!


DIY bride

This one can be messy, but is plenty of fun, especially when everyone is feeling giggly! Split the party into two teams and have them create a wedding dress and a maid of honour dress using only toilet roll! You could also try this with safety pins and a sheet. Best dress wins a prize of your choosing, but we think shots will be appreciated!

Post-it note game

Each party guest must write a short sentence about the bride, or even a memory they have of her. Once everyone is finished, place them all in a bowl and have the bride pick them out one by one. She then has to read them aloud and guess who wrote which one! This can be a really nice start to the evening.

The question game

If you only play one game at your hen party, this has to be it! Light-hearted but hilarious, you’ll need to rope in the groom-to-be to pull this one off. The aim of the game is to ‘test’ the bride to see just how well she knows her future husband. With the cooperation of the groom, devise a set of questions to ask her about him. You can step this up a notch by having guests wager bets on how many the bride will get right. Take turns asking the questions and get the drinks flowing!

Check out our Nearly Weds Quiz for a naughty variation on this!


Story time

Last but certainly not least, this great game can be as naughty or as nice as you want it to be. Get every guest to anonymously write down an embarrassing or unusual experience they have had (make it an embarrassing date story if you want to spice things up!). Then put them all in a bowl and have guests take it in turns to draw one and read it aloud. Everyone has to guess who wrote the story, and you can fish for more embarrassing titbits once you find out who it is! This is a great game to get everyone talking and laughing. Mix in a few drinks and your hen is off to a great start!

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