If you want to find the perfect groom gift to surprise your man with on your wedding day, there are so many personalised and thoughtful groom’s gifts to suit every budget. So choose from our list of groom gifts below and it’s sure to be a winner.

10 groom gifts to surprise your man with on your wedding dayGroom Gifts to Surprise Your man With on Your Wedding day

Seeing as you’ll be wearing your beautiful new dress, and likely new jewellery and shoes, it’s only fair that your groom gets a little something special on the wedding day – apart from the gift of marrying you, of course!

Why not buy something that reflects his hobbies? If he’s mad about football, why not buy him a season ticket to watch his favourite team play?

If he loves a certain band, buy him tickets to see their live concert. It may seem obvious, but these touches will show your husband-to-be just how much he means to you.

Your man will most likely be feeling a little jittery before the ceremony, so why not send him a bottle of whiskey and a box of cigars to share with his groomsmen and to calm his nerves?

Whatever you send, accompany it with a handwritten letter telling him how much you can’t wait to see him. Spritz a little of your signature scent on the paper and he’ll be feeling romantic in no time.

Daniel Wellington Men’s Quartz Watch, £107.24

10 groom gifts to surprise your man with on your wedding day Quartz watch

If you want something traditional that you know your groom will love, then you can’t go far wrong with this stylish watch.

For the more modern groom, a wristwatch is a perfect gift for the morning of the wedding. Attach a note with the time of the ceremony (along the lines of ‘See you at 1 pm!’) for a cute personal touch.

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Personalised and Engraved Hip Flask, £39

10 groom gifts to surprise your man with on your wedding day

A hip flask is another traditional groom’s gift – we particularly like this modern version from David-Louise Designs. You can engrave it with your groom’s name and a personal message –  wrap it with a bottle of your man’s favourite spirit for a gift he’ll cherish.

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Personalised Wedding Message Cufflinks, £63

10 groom gifts to surprise your man with on your wedding day Cufflinks

Give your groom something to complete his outfit on the morning of the big day. These cufflinks from Posh Totty Designs can be worn again on special occasions and your anniversary, too.

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Personalised ‘Our Record’ Print, £24.99

10 groom gifts to surprise your man with on your wedding day Our Record Print

Putting your favourite memories on display is a sweet idea and gifting your favourite memories couldn’t be easier, and we love this framed record of your first dance song.

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Personalised Giant Photo Booth Print, £65

£65, The Drifting Bear Co. at Notonthehighstreet

We think these photo-booth-style frames are seriously cool – just fill them with pictures of you and your husband-to-be, display them in your venue, then hang them in your home afterwards!

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Leather Wash Bag, £5010 groom gifts to surprise your man with on your wedding day Mens leather wash bag

Another great option and something more personal is this monogrammed wash bag, made with tough, smooth buffalo leather.

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Personalised ’10 Things I Love About…’ Box, £18.50



If you’ve agreed that you won’t spend a lot of money on each other, choose one of these little-added extras just to show him you’re thinking about him. This personalised box is a keepsake that you’re likely to keep hold of, plus it’s something you can get out on every anniversary.

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Don’ts for Husbands, £3.94


This book may have been written in 1913, but it’s is sure to have your groom giggling to himself as he gets ready.

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Designer Sock Collection II, £179

10 groom gifts to surprise your man with on your wedding day

Why not get your groom some stylish socks? These ones are sure to beat any of the pairs he’s received for Christmases or birthdays.

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  1. There are boudoir photoshoots on groupon all the time for about £20 for brides on a budget. My best friend did one as a gift for her boyfriend last year and said it was phenomenal and went down a storm apparently

  2. After reading this article, ive just jumped onto ebay and bought him our song on vinyl! I will have it framed so it can be hung on our bedroom wall…he will love it and a cheaper and more romantic idea than the watch I was going to buy him that he would only wear for special occasions (not a watch wearer normally).

  3. I got my husband an omega watch. He’s always wanted one! Got his best man to give it to him on the morning of the wedding with a little note that said “now you have no excuse to be late today…or for the rest of your life!!”

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