These days you’re not just limited to household goods when it comes to choosing things to put on your wedding gift list, there are loads of fun alternatives to consider.

gift list ideas

We asked specialist travel agents Turquoise Holidays and bridal registry company Buy Our Honeymoon for different gift ideas that couples have requested.

Here are 10 suggestions you might like to consider yourself.

  1. A flight upgrade for your honeymoon from Economy to First Class
  2. Cookery classes for your husband or both of you
  3. A romantic candlelit Champagne dinner when on honeymoon
  4. A couple’s spa treatment
  5. Tickets to a top show in London’s West End
  6. Entry to the airport VIP lounge for your honeymoon
  7. Tango lessons for you and your hubby
  8. One couple spent part of their honeymoon on a volunteer project working at a Romanian orphanage. Guests could donate to the cost of the project itself or give money towards clothes, colouring books, stickers and stationery as gifts through the couple’s registry
  9. Contributions towards travel expenses could take a creative turn – like 100 miles of the your journey over the ocean
  10. A luxury hotel to spend your first night in

One of the great things about a honeymoon gift list is that, as well as using it to fund your basic travel expenses, you can add special excursions, meals out and treats to help turn your honeymoon into the trip of a lifetime. Your guests aren’t just making a donation – they can get you a meaningful gift that you’ll always remember!

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