On Valentine’s Day it’s nice to go out to eat somewhere special. Indulge a little and forget the diet and no-carbs approach. Now’s the time to give in to a few cravings. Some foods are said to be more romantic than others, so we’ve asked some culinary experts to reveal their perfect menus for Valentine’s Day.


Top 10 aphrodisiac foods

We ask Julian Saipe from Zafferano to give us his top foods for Valentine’s Day. Some of these might just surprise you!

  • Avocado pears a sensuous shape and a succulent green flash
  • Chilli stimulates the nerve endings
  • Honey contains boron which may enhance testosterone levels
  • Figs Cleopatra’s favourite food, and more precious than gold to the ancient Greeks
  • Arugula or you may call it rocket, it’s a peppery sort of lettuce if you haven’t tried it
  • Oysters rich in zinc, they help to boost testosterone levels
  • Coffee stimulating and invigorating
  • Chocolate contains chemicals that increase sexual desire – now there’s no excuse not to be presented with a box of chocolates
  • Almonds their aroma is said to arose the female passion!
  • Asparagus served as a prenuptial dinner to grooms in 19th century France to help boost virility

Other romantic foods Julian recommends you should try on Valentine’s Day are…

  • Truffles
  • Champagne Jellies
  • Rose Petal Jelly
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Venus Clams
  • Caviar

Valentine’s Day faux pas


Of course, you don’t want to kill any romance stone dead by eating the wrong foods. So what should you avoid?

  • Jerusalem artichokes let’s just politely say that they can give you wind
  • Garlic heavy on the breath
  • Deep fried foods not classy – fish and chips have their place but not at a romantic dinner
  • Spinach yes, it will get stuck in your teeth and yes, you will want to run off to the loo to be checking you look okay
  • Spaghetti we agree, it’s delicious but slurping pasta is not a good look!

Sharing is caring


Chef Peter Mundy who works at the private country house The Manor in Somerset likes the idea of ‘sharing plates’ with plenty of delicious tastes of different things. He has the following suggestions for couples…

Tasting of citrus fruits – Lemon posset, orange and passion fruit tart, grapefruit bavarois and iced lemon parfait.

A chocolate sharing platter – Belgium chocolate and white chocolate fondue, with a platter of marshmallows, exotic fruits, meringue, chocolate brownie and heart shaped sable biscuits.

Homemade romance

“When it comes to Valentine’s Day, a little thought goes a long way,” says John Hearn from food experts Tapenade. “Think about your partner and what he or she likes. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but making it more personal is sure to earn you lots of brownie points!”

“So you’re planning a culinary treat for your loved one this Valentine’s Day?” adds John. “Why not take to the kitchen yourself and cook up a feast? It will offer a more relaxed atmosphere and is likely to work out more cost effective than going out to a restaurant. You could recreate the very first meal you cooked for your partner. It will bring back memories for the both of you and hopefully take you back to the first flush of romance.”

So really, there are no set rules. To get in the mood for love, take note of the foods suggested by our experts but remember to relax – and if you end up cooking your boyfriend’s favourite dish in your own kitchen then that’s fine. The important thing is that you enjoy your evening together. And who knows – you could end up using one of these super-romantic foods in your wedding breakfast!


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