Bridal and bridesmaid beauty experts Sapphire Pink are here to reveal the secrets behind gorgeous wedding hair and make-up. Show your girls and make sure they’re confident and camera-ready!

Suit their style

Your maids are unlikely to suit the same up-do or tousled curl look. In order to get them looking and feeling their best we always recommend they have individual hair styles according to their face shape and hair length. Your bridesmaids sense of uniformity with their dresses and overall finish won’t be ruined by allowing them to each have different hairstyles.

Complement the dress

Consider the neckline of the dresses when deciding on hairstyles for your bridesmaids. If you have a one-shouldered style, counter balancing the look can be achieved nicely with a low side bun, on the open shoulder. The same goes for symmetrical dresses and symmetrical partings.

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Turn up the volume

Hair extensions aren’t only useful for extra length. Adding volume to hair with extensions will allow your stylist to do more with a full looking head of hair. You’re more likely to achieve the perfect up-do without having to back comb to gain volume.

Speak up

No one knows your hair better than you. If you know you have fine wispy hair that isn’t likely to stay in a complicated hair style for more than the desired 12 hours make sure you let your stylist know. There are plenty of wonderful tricks and products that the professionals can use!

Don’t over-complicate

Try not to have too much ‘going on’. If you have a high or detailed neckline, keep the hair simple and elegant. You don’t want to detract from any pretty details with hair that gets in the way.

Keep it classic

Don’t go for anything too trend led with hair and make-up choices. Wedding photos are meant to be classic. If you manage to nail the ‘timeless look’, you want your bridesmaids to do the same.

Flower power

If you want to lend a sense of continuity to your maids’ hair, even if they have different styles, accessorise with the same flower or hair clip placed individually.

Theme your make-up

Just as your maids will suit different hairstyles with different shaped faces, they will also have different tones in their skin. Being too rigid with your colour palette won’t be flattering for everyone, and a way to combat this is to have a theme to go by rather than a colour wheel. Fresh, vintage or natural, for example, is easily adaptable for each girl.

Matchy matchy

Matching your bridal party’s lips to their dress colour is a fun way of tying up the make-up look, and also means that you will only need one touch up colour between all of you!

Keep to the palette

If you ask your maids to do their own make-up, it’s a good idea to suggest they do their eyes from the same palette. This way they will be able to to keep their own sense of style, without being radically different from each other. We can’t get enough of neutral palettes.

So thanks to Sapphire Pink, you’ve got the top tips for bridesmaid hair and beauty. What about the photographs? We’ve got some fab features on how to get them feeling confident in front of the camera. And we’ve got some great photo ideas here too!