With Buy Our Honeymoon, you can create a unique wedding gift list to help fund the honeymoon of your dreams. You can include anything you like as a gift, from a donation towards your air fare, to a cocktail beside the pool.

Thousands of couples have used the site for honeymoons all over the world, all year round. So with Christmas just around the corner, we thought it might be fun to pick some of the best wedding gifts real couples have been given for honeymoons over the winter period!

Aurora hunting by sleigh in Lapland

Nowhere’s more evocative of Christmas than Lapland, and a winter honeymoon in the Arctic Circle could be a truly unforgettable experience. For the ultimate Christmassy romantic adventure, set out in search of the Northern Lights in a horse-drawn sleigh, with the snowy wilderness all around you, cosy together under a blanket!


Night river cruise to see the firefly trees in Borneo

Or if a winter honeymoon in the snow doesn’t float your boat, perhaps somewhere a little warmer might? How about Borneo?

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For a breathtaking and unique experience, take a river cruise to witness the firefly trees. Your journey carries you along the quiet Nanamun river, deep into the wetlands where fireflies congregate by the thousands in the mangrove forest — lit up like living Christmas trees under the night sky.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom

Disney World and Orlando is, of course, a hugely popular honeymoon destination all year round — but it’s particularly amazing over Christmas. In particular, the Magic Kingdom is, well, all the more magical at this time of year.

Some evenings, the Magic Kingdom closes to all but ticket-holders to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, a special annual event featuring snow on Main Street, fireworks and a unique Christmas parade, including a guest appearance by Santa himself!


Christmas dinner in Cinderella’s Castle

Of course, that’s far from the only way to capture some of the Disney magic over the Christmas period. You can dine with the princesses at Cinderella’s Royal Table, within the castle at the heart of the Magic Kingdom, even on Christmas Day. Though you’ll have to book six months in advance!

Christmas Tram, Budapest

In what’s now become an annual tradition, some streetcars in the Hungarian capital are stunningly decorated with more than 30,000 white and blue LED lights. You can use the Christmas Tram just like normal public transport, and without any additional fare — tram number 2 gets you a beautiful, illuminated sightseeing tour along the Danube Promenade.


Santa hats at the airport

But if your Christmas honeymoon is taking you to a warmer climate, with sun kissed beaches and the crystal ocean lapping at your toes, perhaps you’ll want to capture the festive spirit in whatever way you can. A wedding gift of Santa hats to wear round the airport might do the trick!

The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular

A New York institution since 1933, the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular features more than 140 performers in an unmissable show of music and dancing, led by the legendary Rockettes. High kicks, seasonal songs and jazz hands — what’s not to like?


A picnic on the beach

One canny couple realised that their winter honeymoon trekking across New Zealand would make things difficult for finding somewhere to eat on Christmas Day — all the restaurants where they’d be staying would be closed! So they opted to have a festive picnic on the beach, bought as a gift by their family and friends.

Christmas dinner aboard a glacier cruise in Patagonia

For a true once-in-a-lifetime experience, sail through the waters of Lake Argentino past breathtaking icebergs and glacier walls stretching 50 meters high. Enjoy a gourmet taster menu on board before you head back to the private port — a Christmas dinner you’ll never forget, and a wedding gift your guests would love to buy!


Wool for matching Christmas jumpers

Of course, your honeymoon gift list doesn’t have to just include gifts for while you’re away — you can add anything you like! One couple’s list included a gift of wool to knit matching Christmas jumpers as a way to keep busy after they’d returned from their honeymoon. Even the smallest gift can be romantic, and the quirkiest gifts are sometimes the most engaging!

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