DIY equals a very personal wedding day – well, that’s what we think. It’s also a practical solution for when you’re trying to keep costs down or don’t have much of a wedding budget. We’ve got together 10 top ideas you can DIY for your big day, which won’t cost you a thing.

Guest contributions

Ask  your wedding guests to contribute to a dessert table. A clever baking friend could make some cute cupcakes, while another could produce some yummy chocolate brownies. You could also have a sweetie table and here, the more retro the better. A friend could bring an old-fashioned jar of lemon bonbons, another a jar of sherbert flying saucers and so on. Make sure it’s a glass jar so the sweets are displayed attractively.

Reuse family heirlooms

See what family heirlooms you can find from your parents’ or grandparents’ homes and use them to decorate your wedding reception. Maybe granny has a vintage cake stand that you could be used to display your wedding cake? Somebody else might have some bay trees in pots that could use to decorate the outside of your venue.

Wedding thumbprints

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A thumbprint wedding guestbook is a great alternative to a traditional design. You can download this free from Wedding Chicks. Your guests just sign their name in a thumbprint along with their good wishes and you end up with a beautiful piece of art to boot!

Pebble table centres

When you take a walk on the beach try to find a selection of grey smooth pebbles with fairly flat bases. Once you’re home, you can label the pebbles with the names of your wedding tables and use them as table markers. (Use a stencil and white/black eggshell paint to keep the outlines crisp.) If you’ve got time you don’t need to stop at numbers – you could put a pebble by every guest’s place with their name on it, which would double up as a wedding favour.

Personalised thank you notes

Grab a photograph of you both and scan it into your computer. Use that along with your names and address and create a letterhead on your computer. Print out the paper and then write your handwritten thank you notes on them.

Specially written vows

Why not choose a favourite poem to be read at the ceremony? Something that means something special to you both.

Alternatively, you could sit down and write some wedding vows together – statements that mean a lot to you and will help you to weather the years ahead together. That would be very touching and very personal.

Hand-picked table centres

Think about wedding tables and the people who are going to be sitting there. If it’s grandparents and relatives, try to get hold of some old photographs of them that you could use as a table centrepiece, this could cause a lot of amusement! As for your younger friends and relatives, you could check their Facebook galleries and do the same thing – just maybe use a bit of discretion when it comes to choosing the pictures and it’s always best if they are a little bit flattering!

Flowery favours

At your table placements, wrap a flower in every napkin. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, we’re not suggesting that you go out and buy 100 roses or anything. But maybe a sprig of lavender, which will be fine without water and smell delicious.

Something old and something borrowed

Have a look in Granny’s jewellery box and see if you can borrow some costume jewellery – maybe some earrings, a bracelet or if you’re very lucky a relative might even have a tiara tucked away!

Mr and Mrs questionnaire

Type out a mini questionnaire for each table. Questions could include things like; ‘My tips for a long and happy marriage’, ‘stuff to talk about on your honeymoon’, ‘I travelled from …. for your wedding day.’ Some of the results will surprise you and you’ll enjoy keeping the questionnaires as a memento to look at for years to come.