Photographs are a wedding staple and are fantastic at capturing beautiful stills but nothing beats video for recording the atmosphere and unexpected extras that make your big day great. Here, top wedding videographers 88 Films share their top 10 moments you should definitely capture on film…


Not only can you relive the emotion of the vows and laughter in the speeches through film but you are able to experience missed moments and your other half’s morning nerves; a film can make every part of your wedding day truly unforgettable.

The morning story

I love filming the morning of a wedding because I know I’m capturing moments that the bride, groom, or both, don’t get chance to see on the day; the hair, the make-up, the nerves, the excitement.

Missed moments

With so many friends and family and so much going on, it’s impossible to be everywhere at once during your wedding. I love being able to capture the moments you, as the bride and groom, might have missed.

The I Dos

Video really trumps photos during the ceremony. Not only does it have the sound which records your vows and exchanged words, but its ability to capture the emotion in your voice, that kiss and look on your mum’s face is unrivalled.

Supporting characters

Best men, flowergirls, mothers of the bride – there are many characters that make up your special day and film is brilliant for capturing the role they play in it. Here is a short clip of Julian, a lovely vicar, who worked hard to prepare the guests of the bride and groom before their arrival.

Unique moments

Where a photograph is a beautiful keepsake that can go some way to remind you of one special moment, a film makes a moment unforgettable; a true record of, sometimes unexpected, events that you can replay time and again.

The speeches

They say that half the magic of film is the sound, and this has never been more true than during the speeches. Video allows you to relive the words, emotion and laughs of one of the most anticipated parts of your day.

Video guest book

Some will sing, some will dance, some will leave you a few precious words of love that you can treasure forever. It’s the perfect compliment to a written book and one of our most popular extras.


Sometimes before or during a wedding I’m tipped off about a surprise planned for the bride, groom or guests. I’ve filmed lucky chimney sweeps, surprise dance routines, and one of my favourites was an ice-cream van that a bride had secretly arranged for her groom and guests. It went down rather well…

The first dance

Whether your first dance is an honest and romantic moment shared between you and your husband or a Strictly Come Dancing extravaganza designed to entertain your guests, I always get quite emotional watching that sincere display of affection in front of friends and family.

The after party

Photographers often leave soon after the first dance as the photographic opportunities start to dwindle and the celebration ramps up. I love staying on to film this part of the day. Not only is it the perfect chance to capture a record of your evening guests, but the hair comes down, the band starts to play and everyone enjoys a good boogie.



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