Meet the Team – Find out who does what at Wedding Ideas magazine

We’ve got to admit we’re a little bit spoiled here at Wedding Ideas. Not only do we get to sit in a fabulous, historic building every day, but more importantly we’re incredibly fortunate to work with some of the most enthusiastic, creative people in the wedding industry. Add in the fact that they’re also some of the nicest people you could meet and you have a marriage made in heaven!

Come and meet the team (metaphorically speaking) and find out who does what for the company…

Rachel Southwood - Founder/Managing Director

Rachel Southwood - Founder/Managing Director of Wedding Ideas magazine

The inspiration behind Wedding Ideas and one of it’s founders, Rachel Southwood has always been there to keep a watchful eye over all of her herd at Giraffe Media Ltd.

With the true knack and wonderful gift of putting everyone she meets at ease and her vast knowledge of both the wedding industry and the magazine industry, she’s built a super-friendly office of wedding gurus to bring you the best bridal magazine and website out there!

Kelly Church - Publisher/Finance Manager

Kelly Church - Publisher/Finance Manager at Wedding Ideas magazine

Despite the long list of ‘Kellyisms’ written on the office white board behind her desk, including her belief that dinosaurs never existed, Kelly Church is the Publisher and Finance Manager of Giraffe Media Ltd with top mathematical, forward planning and distribution skills. She looks after the company’s pennies and making sure everything runs smoothly.

One thing that Kelly loves more than cats is a (ridiculously) strong cup of tea. Whilst she is James’ main competition when it comes to making the tea and coffee, no one can get her cuppa quite right…ever.

Ben Iskander - Online Manager

Ben Iskander - Online Manager at Wedding Ideas magazine

Ben Iskander is our Online Manager. He effortlessly maintains and creates websites for you to love and enjoy, as well as eye-catching digital ad campaigns and promotional newsletters. All without any problem and most importantly, without creasing his shirt.

Coding? Piece of cake. Talking of cake, he is also an expert in keeping our office well fed with copious amounts of Hobnobs, Caramel Digestives, or whatever else takes his fancy.

He dabbles in a bit of professional photography in his spare time, if he’s not hanging from a rock that is!

Sam Merritt - Editorial Assistant

Sam Merritt - Editorial Assistant at Wedding Ideas magazine

Never one to wear the same outfit twice, Sam Merritt, our Editorial Assistant loves fashion, festivals and food. She combines her three main loves in her own blog on everything fashion and lifestyle, and has a pretty good hand with a camera, too.

Dealing with the real weddings with Hannah, as well as the Themes and Details section of the mag, she is full of inspiration for your big day, as well as your outfit choice.

Lee Parsons - Art Director

Lee Parsons - Art Director at Wedding Ideas magazine

In charge of all things on ‘the colouring in’ team of Wedding Ideas, Lee Parsons is the Art Director, as well the office’s serial tea drinker!

With a great deal of experience when it comes to the publishing industry, Lee keeps a cool head and his strides slow at all times – even when deadline stress hits. He’ll just be looking forward to a pint in the pub when it’s done, or just a nice cup of tea.

Rob Hutchinson - Senior Art Worker

Rob Hutchinson - Senior Art Worker at Wedding Ideas magazine

Another Rob to the art team crew! Rob Hutchinson is the Senior Art Worker here at Wedding Ideas, creating adverts for fashion, display and classified clients, as well as editorial pages.

A keen drummer and fan of 70s rock, he’s the inevitable first choice if we ever start up a Giraffe Media Ltd band. As a bit of a rockstar, it’s only natural that he, his wife and son have an aviary full of cockatiels and budgies at home, and is partial to a Chupa Chups lollipop on any occasion possible.

Chandler Brittain - Apprentice Design Assistant

Chandler Brittain - Apprentice Design Assistant at Wedding Ideas magazine

Apprentice Design Assistant, Chandler Brittain is the youngest member of the team but the time he takes to do intricate cut-outs impresses us all. Interested in ‘anything high speed and high risk’, if he’s not at his computer in the office, you’ll find him at bike parks doing moves on his BMX you didn’t think were possible.

Eager to document every aspect of his life, we’re sure you’ll be suitably impressed if you came across his Instagram page, including amazing landscape shots taken by himself!

Linda Weller - Advertising Sales Manager

Linda Weller - Advertising Sales Manager at Wedding Ideas

Linda Weller is responsible for looking after the smooth running of the Wedding Ideas sales team on a day-to-day basis. As well as giving top-notch advice on all aspects of advertising both in the magazine and on their website, she is a busy mother of two children and two cats (openly admitting she prefers cats). And on top of all that, Linda has the amazing quality that is being able to make us all smile no matter what our mood!

Laura Lismore - Account Executive

Laura Lismore - Account Executive at Wedding Ideas magazine

Laura Lismore works in our advertising team, looking after our lovely display clients! She helps build bespoke advertising campaigns for them to ensure they are receiving the maximum ROI, helping them gain fantastic coverage for their business both in Wedding Ideas magazine and on our amazing website. And do you know what? She LOVES doing it.

Self-admittedly a shopping, Prosecco and chocolate addict, we think she’s our kind of girl. She is even a bit of a secret cake maker and decorating extraordinaire, and that is a truly treasured skill in the eyes of the Wedding Ideas office. Can you tell we love cake?

Ruth White - Advertising Sales Executive

Ruth White - Advertising Sales Executive at Wedding Ideas magazine

Ruth White is our Advertising Sales Executive, with 20 years of advertising and marketing experience behind her including with the Daily Telegraph and delicious magazine.

Moving from London in January 2014, Ruth is now a true country mummy with a baby daughter called Arya and two cats, and with a love for cooking and baking – word is, she makes chocolate fudge brownies to die for!

Leah Messenger - Online Content Manager

Leah Messenger - Online Content Manager at Wedding Ideas magazine

Leah Messenger first tasted life at Wedding Ideas as a work experience student many moons ago, and we loved her so much that she was offered a job after she completed her studies at university. With an amazing gift for writing great content, a love of social media and a passion for all things ‘wedding’, she’s a perfect fit!

A serious fashionista, Leah loves her clothes almost as she does getting her hands dirty… in the kitchen that is. She may be a ‘young ‘un’ but don’t let that fool you, despite her tender years she’s got some serious cooking skills and is often found furnishing the office with tasty treats. One more chocolate cookie? Okay then, if we must!

Lottie Dainton - Online Editorial Assistant

Lottie Dainton - Online Editorial Assistant at Wedding Ideas magazine

Social media whizz, Lottie Dainton looks after our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and even finds time to write up content for the Wedding Ideas website after all of that!

As Online Editorial Assistant, she is constantly keeping her eyes and ears out for new and exciting wedding trends, celebrity gossip and news, and funny posts to keep our brides giggling. Lottie is on the case with all things wedding-related. And as a lover of shabby chic and vintage, we think she’s come to the right place!