The imprint ring – An encouraging reminder or just missing the point?

Have you heard of an imprint ring? It’s a wedding ring with a lasting impression…

With many high profile figures such as Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other celebrities cheating on their partners, infidelity is hot gossip in the world news and entertainment. Perhaps, if they wore an imprint ring, they would have thought twice before making headlines for all the wrong reasons?


Available on the website, The Cheeky, the ‘anti-cheating ring’ is an imprint ring with the phrase ‘I’m married’ imprinted backwards on the inside of the ring. When the wearer puts the ring on, the phrase will be imprinted onto their finger the right way around, so when they take off their ring, their true marital status is exposed – whether or not they are playing away, or have just managed to forget to put it on after doing the washing up.

imprint-ring With the wedding ring being the symbol of your eternal love and commitment to your partner, isn’t this completely missing the point? Does buying a wedding ring that imprints the phrase “I’m married” on to a partner’s finger automatically show that there could be a trust issue? Would it even work to discourage cheating?

There are other imprint ring designs on the market that haven’t been labelled by the website; including a small heart, or the customised imprint of a partner’s fingerprint. The small heart reminds us of Katie Waissel’s engagement tattoo. But is the idea of taking off a wedding ring and having any sort of imprint just a deterrent to prevent infidelity? Or is it just a fun idea for a symbol of permanent love?

Would you be interested in an imprint ring for yourself or your partner? Do you see it as a quirky touch? Or do you see it as a trust issue?

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