Sunday, November 29, 2015
Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

No-one knows weddings like we do - we've seen thousands in our time and can let you into a little secret - the best ones are the ones that have been planned to perfection.

But we understand that this is a very unique and surreal experience, and one that you might not know much about. So, here we've put together some of the most useful planning guides you'll find anywhere. Fact!

Simply choose from our 'Planning Your Wedding' posts below to start planning your big day like a pro IMG_3667

Making your own wedding details can be a joy and a really nice way to give your big day a personal touch, but there are some... Jon and Parysa-018

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things-that-change-LOLAROSEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM Jacquie + Matt-585

You might be just about to get married, or just married, but what is it about married life that's different? Here are 10 little...

You've probably got a long, long list of what to do now you're engaged and an official bride-to-be (your 'Dream Wedding' Pinterest board was...

With so much to think about before the big day, forgetting even the smallest of details is a fear many brides experience. You want... 4829

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Does the phrase 'It's okay because I'm getting married' sound familiar? Whether it's to reassure yourself, to save yourself, to defend yourself, or just...
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Popping the question is a huge moment for any couple, and most of the time, it's down to the proposer to get it just...
10-ways-to-de-stress-Ragdale Hall Shoulder Massage (3)

It's essential to find time to wind down and relax so that you look and feel your best when you walk down the aisle....

When planning and creating your dream wedding, it can sometimes seem challenging, even at the best of times. We've got Sharrow Bay's Events Manager...

How do you make your wedding day stand out from the crowd? By making it personal to you and your hubby-to-be! We've looked back...
stanley-house-Wedding Helicopter

One of the first questions you ask yourself when he's popped the question is 'Where do I start!?', and one of the first things...

The summer season is coming to an end which means a lot of weddings have been and gone too, maybe even your own! All...
thoughts-buying-dress-LOLAROSEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM Jacquie + Matt-055

Wedding dress shopping isn't always the easy, breezy experience you want it to be, and as soon as you walk into the boutique, you're... Mark and Sarah-645

Whilst it can be romantic to stick to classic wedding traditions, weddings are not a one-size-fits-all occassion and you should only follow these traditions... Colm and Sara's Wedding (15)

Feeling a bit stressed out? Sometimes, when it gets a bit much for you, pure excitement for your big day doesn't hold up, and... Charlie & Simon-136

Even though it's YOUR day and you can do it however you want, there's always a little thing at the back of your mind...