Wedding Hair and Makeup


Bridal hair is always a hot topic here at Wedding Ideas. Updo or down do? Curly or straight? Your hairstyle makes such a big impact on your confidence on the day, it has to be right. And luckily we’ve got all the inspiration and top tips you need!

Choosing the right wedding hair and makeup is one of the most exciting parts of your planning. But don’t get carried away! There are a few key things to remember. Your h2b loves you just the way you are so avoid any drastic cuts or colours in the weeks leading up to the day.

Work with a stylist that knows you and your hair. When it comes to makeup, you should think about wearing darker eyeliner and mascara than usual, so your eyes stand out in your pictures.

And if you’re thinking about trying a fake tan, make sure you do it several weeks before the big day, so you can see which one works best with your skin type. No one likes an orange bride!

Simply choose from our ‘Hair and Makeup’ articles below to start planning your wedding like a pro