Friday, November 27, 2015
Planning Your Wedding

Planning Your Wedding

No-one knows weddings like we do - we've seen thousands in our time and can let you into a little secret - the best ones are the ones that have been planned to perfection.

But we understand that this is a very unique and surreal experience, and one that you might not know much about. So, here we've put together some of the most useful planning guides you'll find anywhere. Fact!

Simply choose from our 'Planning Your Wedding' posts below to start planning your wedding like a pro

real-brides-budget-AMy Lee26

With almost half of couples having to postpone their wedding by over a year in order to boost funds, Emily Berryman caught up with... 009Mr&MrsPaxton

So you've probably opened this article thinking 'What is a wedding day survival kit?' If you haven't got one planned, then you're going to...
mapiful-Mapiful Product Image - Paris

The latest art and technology concept from Sweden, Mapiful – a unique online platform that lets customers easily create, customise, and order beautiful minimalist maps...

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life; celebrating the love between you and your hubby and having the...

Weddings are a pretty big deal and they can be kinda scary if you're feeling anxious about being a bride. Are you stressing about... Zoe & Scott-0002

Congratulations! You're engaged! Once you've peeled your eyes away from that sparkly ring on your finger, let the planning commence… If you're planning the big day... 009Mr&MrsPaxton

So it's Friday 13th - a day known for bad luck! We thought it was only right that we uncover some of the craziest... MRb 0151

What exactly makes the perfect partner? Is it intelligence? Being affectionate? Or good looks? Beaverbrooks the Jewellers commissioned a study on 'The Perfect Match' to... Charlotte & Rob__074

If your wedding is just around the corner you've probably been refreshing the 10-day forecast every other hour. The last thing you want is... HelenWill-733

This is a controversial subject. Love or hate 'em, should they be part of your wedding day? If you're thinking of making your pooch part...
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If you hadn’t already received the memo, 2015 marks the 150th Anniversary of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s (aka. Lewis Carroll) novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.... Guy-and-Jo-Wedding-333

You went through so much effort of trying on dresses, flower arranging and cake-tasting but you've finally made it through one of the biggest... michelle&jon-624

Maintaining a happy marriage is super important. All marriages have their ups and downs, but these 9 tips will make sure you're on the... Kirsty and Tom - 0045

Marriage is a pretty big commitment, no wait – marriage is a really big commitment, so you want to make sure that your other...

So you've bagged a hunk and a sparkly ring, and being a bride is the best thing ever but it doesn't mean it's not... group19

Parents can be a great source of support when planning a wedding, but finding the right role for everyone can be tricky. Charlotte Buxton...

You're engaged and you couldn't be more over the moon, but now you have to plan one of the biggest days of your life...

Picking the group of girls who will join you on your wedding journey is tricky business, says Hannah Wilkinson. Before you jump straight in and...

Since the days of eloping to Gretna Green, Scotland has been known for its romance. While you no longer need to head across the Border...
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When you're busy planning your special day, it can be easy to forget about yourself and life before the wedding. Take a break and...