Boudoir photography – beautiful you; we get the low down

Boudoir photography shoots have recently been causing quite a stir at Herd HQ, with discussion about who they’re for, are they cliched, or are they just a bit tacky?

Boudoir Photography - Pose for the camera

Here at Wedding Ideas, we’re all about doing what’s right for you. What makes YOU happy, and feel confident. That’s what we’re here to encourage.

Someone who gets that ethos is photographer-supremo Lisa Burrett, so I’d like to hand this guest post over to her, so she can explain how she can make YOU look like you, but the most beautiful version of yourself.

Snap happy

“I have been an international wedding and fashion photographer for many years, and only started photographing Boudoir sessions for ladies by request. I had never even heard of a Boudoir shoot before I began doing them – although in fact I think I have been photographing Boudoir long before there was even a name for it!

I am approached by women from all walks of life, of all different shapes and sizes. They come to me with a variety of reasons for wanting to have a set of intimate photos taken of themselves.

Traditionally, Boudoir photos served as a present from a bride to her groom as a wedding gift, but now many women want the photos just for themselves, either as a confidence booster or to enjoy the experience of a professional photo shoot,  to feel what it is like to be a model for a day, with all the pampering that comes with it.

Wear a special outfit that makes you feel confident

Smile for the camera

The women are always really nervous when they arrive and I reassure them that we will start slowly! We begin by peeling off the outer layers, rather than stripping down to the bare minimals… with the help of their favourite music, a few glasses of champagne, amazing outfits, accessories and exquisite hair and make up it isn’t long before they feel comfortable enough to bare more. They can really take control of the shoot themselves if they like, and you would be so surprised at how confident they become after the first half an hour.

It essentially provides the chance for a woman to ‘let go’ and to become who she fantasizes about being, even for just a few hours. It really is a lot of fun and I have helped many women overcome negative feelings they have had in the past about their bodies.

I never photograph anything that isn’t tasteful: I prefer to go down the fashion route. You can still be sexy and  provocative without  looking sleazy, and I will certainly guide my model into poses that are alluring rather than tacky. Often a bit of mystery can be more sensual than leaving nothing to the imagination… the ultimate success of boudoir photography depends a great deal on getting this balance exactly right for each person.

Prices start at just £400.00 for a two-hour mini photo shoot in my centrally located studio. There are examples of my work, different styles of boudoir photography and  more information on my website

Boudoir photography is available from photographers up and down the UK, some working on location and some working in studios. These companies include national brand FYEO, who have studios in Essex, Manchester, Buckingham and Somerset.

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