A heart-wrenchingly beautiful wedding video

Good morning friends, I hope everyone is peachy keen on this rather wet and windy Wednesday. Lucky you, I’ve got THE most delightful treat for you today, that will certainly take you away from the dreary weather to a far more beautiful place…

I’ve decided to share with you something rather special, today’s post won’t be a traditional story and photos post – it’s a real wedding, shown through a stunningly shot wedding video.

The genius behind this wonderful video is Sidney Diongzon. Sidney originally hails from sunnier climes (California USA to be exact) but after meeting, falling in love with and then marrying an English girl, he now lives over here and has to put up with hail storms in April (lucky him!). He’s got a beautiful eye for story telling, and his films and photography capture pure love and emotion at it’s best. He’s a clever guy.

So with enough rambling from me…please grab a cup of tea and settle down to watch the sweet journey that is Freya and Justin’s wedding day.

As always comments and love welcome, and see you next time. Alice xx

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